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Right Concept Marketing

Welcome to the mission of financial freedom

The mission is started by Fashion Suiting's Pvt. Ltd., Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India. FSPL is a textile manufacturing company since 1984. In 2001 the company shifted from traditional method to direct selling method and introduced suiting in network marketing with a system named RCM Business (Right Concept Marketing) and with a vision "The mission of financial freedom''.

My Dear Friends,

This system is just a different way of shopping by which we can earn by purchasing the products.

Generally we purchase the goods of our daily use from our nearby shop. But the goods doesn't come to the shop directly from the manufacturing unit. There is a big chain of Agents, Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers in between. This chain neither effects the quantity of the product, nor quality. We get the products with as much quality and volume as were prepared in manufacturing unit. Besides this to uplift the sale of products companies spend a huge amount on advertisements. But all these expenses are recovered from the MRP of the product paid by us.

Thus we indirectly pay for commission of middlemen (Agents, Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers) between manufacturer and consumer as well as for the expenses of advertisements of the products.

RCM Business is a very simple idea. It is a system/opportunity for the consumer to buy the products directly from manufacturer. But besides being a mere consumer, following the next few steps and slight working hard according to this system, we can make a great change in our life economically as well as socially. We can get benefits of the amount which was being paid to middlemen and for advertisement.

We are benefited in two ways:




1) REASONABLE RATE: The rates of RCM brand products are comparatively less than other brand products in market even after maintaining quality.

2) ORIGINAL PRODUCTS OF DOMESTIC USE: RCM Business has selected all the products which are of use in our daily routine, with good quality. As we are getting products directly from manufacturer, no one is there in between to mix duplicate, we get the original products. RCM Business is the first network marketing co. in the world manufacturing maximum number of products under one brand. Some of excellent products of RCM are Rice Bran Oil (RBO) with brand name RCM Health Guard, which is a physically refined oil having better cholesterol lowering properties, reduces bad cholesterol in our body. RCM Aqua Real Water purifier functioning with REVERSE OSMOSIS system. The other products include FMCG, Eatables, Cereals, Soft drinks, Stationery, Readymades, Textile, Accessories, Foot wears, Plastic Ware.

( for cost & BV of products)

3) COMMISSION ON BUSINESS VOLUME: Every RCM product has its own Business Volume i.e. BV, which is mentioned in bill also against every product. On purchase of every RCM product minimum 10% of BV of that product is paid to us.

4) MONTHLY LUCKY DRAW: Any distributor who does a purchase of RCM products worth Rs. 1000/- or more per month regularly he is included in the list of lucky draw and lucky draws of Rs. 1000/-, 5000/- and 11000/- are announced every month for those who are in this list.

5) ACCIDENTAL DEATH BENEFIT: Any distributor who does a purchase of RCM products worth Rs. 1000/- or more per month regularly and if he dies due to accident, his/her nominee gets Rs. 2 lacs amount as accidental death benefit. This eligibility will be effective after completing 3 months of regular purchase of Rs. 1000/- or more. The purchase should be regular in order to continue this eligibility.


All the above mentioned benefits are on purchasing only. But it can be a business opportunity if we promote this system i.e. introduce other persons also to these benefits.

For details we can go to at the official website and see Calculate_Commission, Leadership bonus, Royalty bonus, Technical bonus & Loyalty bonus.

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For life insurance & general insurance plans in RCM please visit at:

(We get BV i.e., when we pay premium for insurance policy).

For monthly updates a monthly news paper of the company named RCM Times also remains available in the first week of every month at all RCM Bazar.

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